Friday, August 30, 2013

Crazy Rain

Hello Family, it has been a Crazy week!!!
It started out with a Total typhoon...that caused us to be stuck in our house for days!!! It actually was pretty boring.. We just played a lot of truth or dare and I got in some good hours of zumba and naps! ha It was a nice break I guess, but also a little boring with no work. By Wednesday we still couldn't go out and work, but we traveled the 2 hours to our Zone Conference, which was amazing! We got to listen to President and Sister Sperry talk and the zone leaders and APs, and they all had a lot of really good things that were so helpful. I learned a lot about studying and being prepared for our investigators, and really serving with everything we have, and forgetting ourselves. It was a really great meeting and I really felt so strong that I'm supposed to be here, and there are people here being prepared for me, I just need to find them!
By Thursday we were finally able to have our first day of work, and it was so nice! We were still walking through some floods, but it wasn't too bad, and it was nice to teach some lessons-although my Tagalog by then was already getting a little rusty..ha Sadly there's not any really interesting stories as far as investigators go because the only one actually progressing is Winnie, and they still haven't put their papers in..BUT Alex (her 'husband') came to church the last 3 sundays and has been participating in class and talking about how the gospel has blessed him, and so I really think it's helping in their progress. So hopefully Soon! We're going to teach her tonight so hopefully we can figure out that last push they need.
Also, yesterday was pretty crazy. Of course, it was the theme of this week. But at our district meeting they announced transfers! Sister Mabini is transfering and her new companion will be Sister Kalama!! I am SO jealous! ha They'll have so much fun together. And my new companion is Sister Tupa'i, she's from Samoa and I heard she's way nice. Her and Sister Collins are pretty good friends (Sister Collins is from my batch also and I really like her) SO I think it'll be another good transfer, with a great companion! I'm excited to be done training :) However after that we had a meeting to rediscuss the area splits for Baliwag with the new elders coming, and in the end they decided to switch one of the sister companionships to Bustos (near Baliwag) and the zone leaders would come here, so we'll have 2 sets of elders and 1 set of sisters now... So yesterday within 3 hours me and SIster Mabini were packed and moved back into our old apartment, and the other sisters were moved to Bustos! It was pretty crazy...and sadly another day with no work :( But I'm trying to have a good attitude about the old apartment, it's just not as nice as the other house. But now I get to find a new house that they'll move us into in 2 more transfers when another set of sisters lots of changes! But it's exciting :) It's kinda funny that me and Sister Mabini are going back and ending right where we started! I'm pretty sad to see her go, I've really learned to love her and I'm so grateful she was my trainer! I have learned SO much, I told her I can really feel that I'm already a different person, but it's a lot better than I was before! Even though that does not sound humble at all..ha But lots of crazy changes going on, so I'm just going with the flow :)
I guess that's all for this week, it was busy but at the same time slow because of just sitting in our house..hopefully there won't be more big storms like that! But I love you all SO much, thanks for everything, you're the BEST!!! And happy birthday this week pappy!! :)
Love you all,
Sister Benesch

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