Sunday, August 4, 2013


Magandang umaga sa aking pamilya! :)
How is everyone? This week was pretty full of just Tons of things that happened..I honestly don't even know where to start! ha I guess the first story is that Heavenly Father REALLY takes care of his missionaries! Because of the follow-up training last week we spent a LOT of our pamasahe (fare) on traveling and so we had no money left, and instead of our support coming on monday it came wednesday. So on Tuesday before we could get money we went to all our appointments and really continued to be obedient and go out and teach no matter what, even if it meant walking 10 miles home..ha And at the end of the day we made it home on a jeepney with 16 pesos left, which is EXACTLY how much we would need in the morning to get to the bank. It was such a small thing but it meant SO much to us to know that Heavenly Father takes care of us, that he gives us what we need in order to best do His work.
So on Wednesday we were finally able to get money, but that was the craziest day this week!! Ha we went out in the morning to get money and it was POURING rain, and my umbrella actually is broken, so I was just kinda holding it over my hand but still totally drenched in the rain. We made it to the ATM and it was closed! ahh But luckily there was another close by that we were able to get money at. Later that day we went about our teaching appointments, and literally of 14 that we had planned (including lots of backups and on the spot decisions) we were punted by all but 3 lessons we were able to teach.. It's crazy! And I attached the picture with me and my umbrella...can you see that it's completely turned inside out?? ha It was pouring so hard I am completely drenched there, but you can't really tell, but my umbrella did this in the wind and so I pretty much had zero hope of staying even a little dry. It was quite the adventure! Also, at one of our appointments that day, there were all these cockroaches coming through the door of the ladies house, so of course I'm staring at them scared out of my mind, but trying not to show it..then one starts crawling on Sister Mabini's foot as she's teaching so I kick it off. gets on MY foot and I try to kick it off but my shoe went flying across the room and almost hit the ceiling...haha It was hilarious! And a little embarrassing :) But I don't think I'll ever get used to those disgusting things!
And the BEST news of all....Cathy's baptism will be this Thursday! I am so so so excited :) We had her interview this week and our district leader agrees that she's absolutely amazing. I'm so happy, I can't wait for her finally to become a member. I can see such a huge change in her since we began teaching, and there truly is a light that comes into these investigators lives as they accept the gospel, and I want that for everyone I teach! Of course most of them use their agency to not receive it, but I want to do all I can to help them have the change I see in Cathy, because it truly is incredible.
Thank you everyone for ALL you do for me, I love you so much! I couldn't be here without the support and love of all of you and I'm so so grateful :) It's definitely an adventure here in the Philippines, and an experience I'll never forget! I absolutely love it :)
Love you all,
Sister Benesch

PS if you can find a copy of "The Fourth Missionary" online and read it..DO. It's so great, and it has really become my model of the kind of missionary I want to be while I'm here.

PSS the other picture is me and Winnie's adorable little girl!! She's CRAZY, reminds me of Grace :) She's hilarious! (Sadly no more progress on the marriage of syempre (of course) none on her baptism either...)

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