Monday, August 19, 2013

Would you like some pig ears for the road?

Hello family!!
Well another week has gone by, and of course it was crazy fast!! We had a Very fun zone activity this morning! We went to Biak na Bato, and it is Gorgeous!!! We "hiked" around some trails and there were beautiful cliffs and trees and a big (brown) river, ha but it was so green! I also saw a bunch of crazy bugs that were pretty freaky and a spider that was black and yellow and literally maybe bigger than my hand!! It was like pure was amazing! Sadly we couldn't go in any caves,
but we just took lots of pictures :) And as you can see we have matching's our District shirt we all got made, and it means "You can do it!" After our activity we went to Rockwood for lunch, it's a very nice and very delicious restaurant! It was so fun with our whole zone just hanging out and being able to distress a little, and I had very yummy shrimp that Zach would be very jealous of.
As far as this week goes, it was a good week! I really learned this week how the spirit guides us to those who are prepared. We were down to the last appointment of the day and had to chose between 2 people, and I felt that maybe we should go to one and then as we were walking I didn't really know about it, and then we remembered a lady we'd talked to that said we could come by her house. We spent maybe 20 minutes asking around and couldn't find her house and no one knew her, so we were going to give up, then the member working with us stopped and asked this man, and immediately we found her the last person we asked. We were able to teach their whole family and got 4 new investigators, and actually they seem very interested and sincere! Filipinos have a tendency to pretend to be interested when they really aren't and that's why there are SO MANY less-actives because people just get baptized because they don't want to say no, and then don't stay in the church. But they seem to have a real desire so I'm excited to go back!
We also have another new investigator that does all her reading and says she's gotten answers that our message is true, she just hasn't come to church (like all our one comes!) but we were teaching her one day, and we teach her in a parked jeep next to her "tindahan", or where she sells meat and snacks on the side of this little dirt road...but we were teaching and I started feeling So so so sick and like everything was closing in. I made it through the lesson, and stepped out, and then she offered us pig ears!! Ahh it was such a horrible experience, I literally thought I was going to die..ha But luckily after that we went home for just a little bit to recover and went back to work and it was all ok, but that was one moment in the mission I really didn't know how in the world I'd make it to the closing prayer..ha Many interesting experiences here in the Philippines!
But I really love the work, and everything is going great. I love you all SO much, thank you for all your support and all you do for me! You're the BEST! Have a wonderful wonderful week! Oh and I keep learning lots of recipes and am getting pretty good at cooking Filipino food, so be excited for that ;) Except that with that and my new addiction to Ministop ice cream (a convenience store) I may be gaining my weight back...Not good. But I love you!!
Sister Benesch :)

PS picture of us and sister Cathy!!! I love her :)

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