Tuesday, September 3, 2013

New Companion

Hello family!! Alofa atu is Samoan for I love you! So I am now with Sister Tupa'i...and I love her with all my heart but let's just say this will be a very challenging transfer.
We get along great and she's like best friends with Sister Kalama because they lived in the same house before, and we have fun together! But...She's Samoan and it's been hard for her to speak english, much less learn Tagalog, so with both of us knowing very little  Tagalog trying to teach lessons and find people to teach it's quite interesting! And  so so hard to find people to teach. Luckily we haven't gotten lost yet too because I don't know some of the street names to tell Tric drivers..ha It's quite the adventure! We realized we're just going to have to get through this together, and hope that we don't completely run the area into the ground with our language barrier..ha I'm trying to get a better attitude about it, and I'm doing better than before :) I'm just so so grateful that atleast we do have fun together and get along, because if we didn't than I think it may just be impossible for us. So I know that we'll have challenges, but Heavenly Father is aware of what we need to be able to get through those challenges.
And because I'm no longer training we have more hours in the day to work with less studies, so now we're out from 12-9 (and here in our mission because it's SO expensive to go home in the middle of the day, it's very rare we go home for dinner) and so it can be some very long days out in the heat trying to find people to teach, sometimes we're stuck with like 4 hours at the end of the day with no more appointments and just not really knowing what to do..ha But we've always found somehow to get something productive done, and it's been ok. Hopefully it'll just improve as we get more used to it. But I love you so so so much, thinking of all of you helps me get through the hard days here! You're the best :) I hope everyone is doing fantastic.

Sister Benesch

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