Monday, August 12, 2013


Hello family! I thought I'd make "Typhoon" the subject of this one because that's what's happening outside right now! I don't know how it'll go with us at the palengke shopping for food, but it'll be an adventure :) It's crazy how much water actually comes down!! But this week was really great, so many stories!! Yet I get to emailing and forget them..ha

But we had Cathy's baptism! YAY!!! It was so so great :) I'm SO sad I forgot my camera to send pictures, but I will next week! She was just glowing before the service started, and then as I watched her go down into the water I felt the spirit so so strong, and afterwards she was just crying :) She bore her testimony and said that the first time she came to church she actually promised herself that she wouldn't come back because the beliefs were so different than hers (she was Iglesia before, or from The Church of Christ) but then she came back the next sunday and we started teaching her and since then she's been reading the Book of Mormon and knows the church is true, and was so happy. It was so amazing :)

But more good news....Winnie is malapit na (SO CLOSE) so getting married!!! Her 'husband' came to church this sunday and so they have all the papers, they just need to get a photocopy of his id! I am so excited :) She said that at Cathy's baptism she felt like it was practically her getting baptized. She's so excited, and of course I'm so happy!! :) So lots of good news with them. As for the rest of our investigators it's slow progress because even with the ones that read, none come to church. Except one new one!! His name is Jeff and he's a referral from some members, and he's come to church every week and is reading the BOM and has a baptismal date for September 7th!! So I really hope he continues to progress, but it's absolutely amazing how you can see your investigators truly change as they accept the gospel :) I love this work!

I love you all, thank you for all your support :) I really do love being a missionary, and I am SO so grateful for this opportunity! I realize now that I was so far from who I thought I was, but now I can become better here. It's a huge blessing. I love you all, I know that this is the true church and it was restored by Joseph Smith, a true prophet called by God. Have an amazing week! :)
Sister Benesch

PS Tell Alex good luck on his mission!! He'll do great :)

OH and actually yes (about Holly's letter) I got like 10 letters this week!! Tell everyone in the family thank you SO much, made me so happy! :) I got one from her, Marnie, Ava, Grammy, Chels...I got a lot! ha So thank you to everyone :)

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