Tuesday, September 9, 2014

6 more weeks

July 28
On Sunday brother Butch Pagunsan got the priesthood! We went in and watched him receive it in Elder's Quorum and it was so cool! He was promised again that as he stays obedient his family will go to the temple :) Just working with their family alone has been so rewarding! We also took the most adorable picture of their 12 year old Andrie in front of the church with his white shirt, tie, and holding his scriptures and Duty to God! The changes and progress we've seen in them has been like miracle after miracle every single day. We walked by them the other day and all 6 of them were on the motorcycle! (Not unusual here..) but it was so cute because they all just looked So happy and seem to have this light about them. They are such special people, and I love them so much :) We've been able to work more with our investigator Corazon. I don't remember if I told you about her, but she has suffered her whole life from abuse from her son and husband and as we've worked with her over the last few weeks it's been Such a miracle to see the changes! She's been coming to church and when we walk past she looks so happy spending time with her family! The other night we were teaching her and I asked her if she felt any different, just because we've seen so many changes, and she just got the biggest smile on her face saying how much happier she is and how much things have changed. Then as we went on to talk about how much God loves her she just almost started crying, but also couldn't stop smiling because of how happy she is. It's been amazing for me to see the gospel really work in people's lives and see them change and find happiness. That really is all the gospel is about :) OH and almost the Most important thing...we had transfer announcements! So me and Sister Porter are going to stay together the next 2 weeks and nothing will change, so that will be tons of fun! BUT her replacement....is....SISTER MINER!!!!!! We are going to be companions again!! I am SO SO SO excited!! ha I just can't even hold it in :) Of course there are still challenges but I continue to learn everyday that the more I trust in Heavenly Father and stay obedient I'm so happy even when there are trials. I love you all so much and miss you tons!!
August 3
On Wednesday it was transfer day and there were very few transfers across the whole mission so when Sister Wilson transferred she had no one to go with, and she can't go by herself because it's dangerous. So me and Sister Porter were the lucky ones to bring her! ha We left our house at 8 am and got on 2 different buses, to finally end up in her new area of Malolos at noon! It took AGES, and I was starving and dizzy! But we did have a blessing.  It was super exciting because I got to see Sister Mabini! She's sister Wilson's new companion, which is funny becuase Sister Wilson is the trainee of Sister Surio, who is my trainee, and Sister Mabini is my trainer! So it's just staying in the family :) ha So it was fun to see her, because I probably won't ever again :( I really love her SO much!  Then
Thursday we had a service project with our district and it was super fun! We mixed cement to build a house. ha It was the first time I've ever done that and my body was so sore after, but it was super fun! It even started raining in the middle so that made it interesting..ha I really love the service here because it's things I will probably never do again in my whole life. Can you think of a single person in America who would invite the missionaries over to mix cement and build their house for them? haha It's more fun in the Philippines ;)
August 31
We also had a baptismal interview for Dominic and he passed!! They've had some problems getting all the paperwork done for the marriage sadly...but this wednesday they're supposed to get it all done, so hopefully it will all happen next Saturday!!!! I'm so so so excited :) They're for sure my favorite couple I've ever taught, I wish you could meet their baby Spade! He's basically my best friend. Michelle jokes that he thinks I'm his mom now because everytime he sees me he gets SO excited and starts screaming and running, and then whenever we say bye he like Screams crying! I love him so much :)
So the area is still doing awesome, I really don't even want to think that I might be leaving it! I'm still praying for some kind of miracle that I can stay :) But I guess we'll just see. The work is so rewarding though, I know that Heavenly Father is giving us so many blessings because we're doing our best...obedience really does bring blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles. I love you so much!!!
September 8
Hope you had a great week!! We had a pretty interesting week ourselves this week :) We had a big adventure on Wednesday!!! So when we came into the mission we got xrays done at the MTC, and then every missionary has to get them again 6 weeks before we go home to check that we don't have tuberculosis...so that was our adventure! Me, Sister Miner, and Sister Kalama went down to the MTC and got some xrays done. And good news...NO TB :) ha But it was so fun being back there and thinking about the great times we had together there, I can't believe how long it's been! We also snuck around the MTC a little bit and took some pictures of our old classroom and stuff :) haha It was so fun!

Sadly we did not have a wedding or baptism on Saturday because some things are still not done with paperwork...I honestly don't really know what the problem is but we're just trying to patiently wait :) However, we got a new investigator that is incredible! She lives with a member and is helping take care of their kids, and when we taught her the first time she was really interested and listened and loved everything, but we didn't quite know how much she wanted it. Then yesterday we went and taught her, and after we talked about the Book of Mormon she just starting crying to us saying that she feels like she's been lost and confused for so long and she finally feels like it's all coming together. And then she asked US when she can get baptized before we could even bring it up! It was so amazing. And her baptism date is set for October 11. OH I forgot!! I am NOT transferring and neither is Sister Miner!!! I am SO SO excited! I don't know how it'll work with a pull-in of sisters for the STL area, but I'm not really complaining :) ha I really feel like we have so much more to do here. I feel Heavenly Father helping us in the work everyday, and the miracles never stop.

Sister Benesch