Monday, April 28, 2014

Chicken Legs

Hello there everyone,
Since we just emailed on Wednesday this email might be kind of short, but it was a good couple days! ha On Saturday Rufina was baptized!!! YAY! Two little girls from less active families were also baptized with her and she joked that she's like their grandma getting baptized with them..ha but it went great. I really love her so much :)

However the day of her baptism was SO hot, we were trying to teach people and just dripping sweat, it was even hard to breath. Then we rode the jeep to the church and it started to sprinkle and then it dumped on us while we were walking and we had one little broken umbrella! We showed up to the church looking like we'd jumped in a pool...but it was crazy weather. Sadly because of that Sister Clark got a fever of 101 that night, but I was a good doctor and she was all better the next morning :)
So I can't remember if I told you this but I'm starting to write a miracle a day in my journal, and I decided I could share a few with you now. One day it cooled down a little bit at night and me and Sister Clark realized that we had chicken legs!! We never realized how small they are when they're not all swollen!! So Elder Kumar couldn't tease me about my "chubby leg" as he calls it :) haha It was awesome! It gave us hope that when we go home we'll be smaller! Also, another miracle was that little broken umbrella we had for atleast a little protection because actually it was one we had borrowed from Rufina and bringing back to her...neither of us had our own with us. And then another good one, one night we were both not feeling good from walking around all day in the HOTTEST weather you can imagine and there was orange juice on sale for 25 pesos!! And for the size it was, it usually would be like double that. I was so excited! I drank it all (800 mL) in like 5 minutes. ha It was great :)
That's one thing though that I don't think I could have imagined before I came here-the heat. It might only be around 100 degrees, but then when you add the humidity it literally is hotter than anything I've ever been in. You just have sweat pouring down you all day, and literally when I change into pajamas my clothes are just's so nasty! There are tons of ants everywhere, even in our water, that we have to pick out and you just feel itchy from the sweat. Not going to lie it's a little miserable sometimes, but it definitely makes me appreciate laying in my bed each night with the fan full blast blowing on my face :) It's an adventure for sure.
Well the rest of this week was good, Sister Evelyn is still doing great preparing for her new baptismal date, and then our other investigator sister Luz is really doing great too. Neither have drank coffee again so I think they'll be ok! :) Sadly transfers is next week so I might not be here :( But me and Sister Clark are hoping we can have one more together.. Oh I also spoke in sacrament and that went pretty good. I spoke about the "it" from the story of the 2,000 stripling warriors, saying their mother's knew "it" and I think it was pretty good :) ha But that was basically my week.
I love you all so much, thank you for all your support! Hope you're doing great :)
Sister Benesch

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