Monday, April 7, 2014

Clouds and Rainbows (and mirrors)

How is everybody?? Actually I heard about the earthquake Colton experienced and thought it was crazy how he's experienced more than me and he's still in the states! ha This week was actually really good though, not too much happened with work, because we had a Great Zone Conference, and we also got to go to the broadcast of Women's Conference! I was super excited about that because I thought we wouldn't be able to, but we did and it was so great!! And yes mama, the Philippines was part of it, it's the big group of cute primary kids in like 3 rows with the whitish background :)  You can hear the word patnubay pretty means guide :)
But zone conference was so great this time. Everybody did great workshops, especially Sister Sperry's with just the sisters about virtue and remembering who we are as daughters of God. And then President Sperry did one about the scattering and gathering of Israel and our role in it as missionaries and members and it was INCREDIBLE. I wish I could just send you the notes I took on it...he's so incredible with scriptures and history. He definitely is the reason why I LOVE reading the scriptures so much now, it's incredible! But it was hilarious because me and Sister Clark were sitting in the back row and Pres. and Sister Sperry right behind one point I was looking in this mirror trying to fix my crazy hair because it was so humid and all the sudden I see President's face Way close behind me looking at me in the mirror! I can't explain it as funny as it was..but it was hilarious!! And then later on while Sister Sperry was giving her workshop to everybody she said a quote that "We should try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud" and Pres. leans forward between us and whispers "I'd like to be a cloud in front of someone else's rainbow..." and of course knowing me..I BURST out laughing!!! And could Not stop. The rest of Sister Sperry's workshop!! hahaha It was Hilarious!! Then he goes "Don't you dare tell Sister Sperry I said that!" haha I love President Sperry, I'm sad he'll only be here a couple more months.
Besides that our investigators are doing pretty good. Honestly though, I'm worried about Evelyn. Every time we teach we find another before it was basically everything with the Word of Wisdom, even law of chastity, and now we found out she has to interview with President because of abortion. She also shared that she owes a lot of money to the Municipio (I donno in English..) and just things that make us we're really praying about what to do and if we should postpone the baptism or not. Because where she lives there are Terrible terrible influences all the time and she'd be totally alone. But she's made a lot of changes and progress so hopefully she'll be ok :) Rufina is also doing Great...but on Sunday the funniest thing happened! We walked in and I saw her but her hair was Way super short! I tell her I like her haircut and she just goes OFF...talking about how mad she is about it and she doesn't know what happened, she was so mad she didn't even pay for it! She said "panget" about 50 times which means ugly..hahahaa I was trying so hard to not laugh, but it was hilarious! Poor lady..I'm sure it will grow back though :)
Also brother Jose just keeps doing better and better! He wore a white shirt and tie to church this week and he looked so great! It's incredible to see people just be more and more converted to the gospel :) When we were teaching him this week about the temple he just started crying talking about his family and how grateful he is for all the gospel has brought into his life...he's seriously amazing. I feel so so grateful and lucky I got to teach him!
Also this week I read two Really amazing talks from October Conference 2012..."Converted unto the Lord" by Elder Bednar, and "The First Great Commandment" by Elder Holland. I recommend both :) They both just have incredible messages about really being deeply converted to the gospel, not just having a testimony, and showing our love for God by obedience. I'm SO excited for conference next weekend!!
So it's been really great here, I'm still just trying to hold on to every single day because it goes SO fast!!! I can't believe I've practically been here a's too fast! But I love it :) Love you all so much, hope you're all doing great!!!!
Sister Benesch

PS here's me and Sis Clark at zone conference :)

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