Monday, April 28, 2014


Hey familia,
Can you believe it's been ONE YEAR that I've been here in the Philippines? I cannot. That's pretty exciting :) Hope you're all doing great...I have SO much to tell you from this week.
Let me give you all the bad first then I'll give you the good... SO probably the hardest experience of my entire mission happened this last week. Sister Evelyn was not baptized on Saturday, and I'll probably be transfered before she even is. We went to teach her on Thursday (2 DAYS) before she was supposed to be baptized and she was so so excited...and then she told us that that morning she'd been so hungry, and she didn't have money to buy food, so she took some coffee from her sister to mix with her milk...and as she told us the story I literally felt my heart break. Me and Sister Clark's new motto is "A teaspoon can kill you" because we realized that Satan really can get us to do those tiny little things that'll lead to so much greater not being worthy to receive those saving ordinances. So that broke my heart and I think I cried myself to sleep that night..But we've gone back to teach her twice and we've really helped her back up on her feet and she's working toward being baptized on May 17th! Hopefully this time it all works out :) And then that same day everything just went wrong...Almost none of our appointments worked out and we were just walking in the hot hot sun, and then I ripped my skirt Big time on a tricycle and we didn't know what to do, so I tried to cover it up with pulling my shirt down, then I saw this rusty safety pin on the road and said "Yes! God loves me!" And then it broke when I tried to use that was sad. haha But then a less active had one that helped so that was good. But it was just kinda a hard day.
But Easter was great!!
Me and Sister Clark wore real cute Easter outfits and made a huge feast! We had our french toast, eggs, and bacon and it was so delicious! We even found stuff to make guacamole and bought expensive tortilla chips and it was Amazing!!!! We taught Sister Criste and Sister Andres to decorate eggs with crayons because they don't do that it was lots of fun :)
Today was temple day so that has been great...I love the temple so much! And since it is my 1 year mark, I woke up to Sister Clark "flopping" on me at 3 am and there was a big sign that the sisters made saying "Happy One Year!!" and little notes to me...I felt like it was my birthday :) ha BUT I didn't really like waking up at 3..I'm a little tired and it's only noon. ha But do you remember Elder Ferrin? He is the one that called you when I landed here in the Philippines before going to the MTC to say I was safe, and he's from Farmington? Well we saw him today when we were by the temple so we went and talked to him and his wife. They're so nice! He showed us some information on our new mission president though! It's President Burton and he's from Bountiful! So that'll be way cool :)
And finally, the best for last. Sister Luzviminda :) Our new investigator that lives with incredible! We asked if she'd read her assignment and she explained it all perfect to us, and then told us that as she read and then prayed she really felt the spirit tell her it was true and it was such a great feeling, different than she'd ever had before, and then she said "I think I need to be baptized." YAY! We were so excited :) She's so smart, and she just gets it! The spirit is strong and she's so excited to do all she she'll be baptized on May 17 also because she has to give up coffee also. I love her so much :) We really have great investigators right now...Rufina will be interviewed later tonight because she was on vacation but I'm pretty positive she's all ready to be baptized Saturday!! I really don't want to transfer in 2 weeks. I love it here so much! The work is great :) But definitely my lesson this week was how important each decision we make is. Even the little tiny things that we think no one sees or doesn't matter...God is always watching and we're in charge of ourselves to return to Him. It really matters what we do and who we are.
I love you all so much, wish me luck because I am speaking on Sunday! Hopefully it'll be good :P ha LOVE YOU!!!!
Sister Benesch

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