Monday, May 26, 2014


Hey Everybody!
Not too many stories. Evelyn is still doing great and will be baptized May 17!! However...I sadly won't be here. Yes, I am transfering!! My next area the same stake. ha I'm literally transferring like 30 minutes away to Meycauyen (I can't spell it yet..) and I will be companions with Sister Lorenzo who actually was Sister Surio's follow-up trainer so that'll be fun! She's a Filipino, so it'll be my FIRST since Sister Mabini training so hopefully I'll finally really learn to speak Tagalog! ha But the exciting thing actually about where I'm going is that...I've been called to be a Sister Training Leader! It's basically the same level as Zone Leader, but we're over multiple zones. So I'll get to go on exchanges with other sisters, and the Really exciting thing is that Baliwag is under us so I'll get to go back there and check up on everyone!! I'm so so excited :)
I'm excited for the opportunity too because I know I'll really learn a lot. I just want to take this as a chance to really take all my weaknesses and change. To be more diligent and obedient and just do the best I can. I've really looked up to my STLs while on the mission so I hope I can be like that for the other sisters now. It'll be a lot of fun :) And I get to go to more meetings with Pres so I'll get to see him before I leave! I love that man...he's hilarious! haha
But as far as this area goes, I just have been saying bye to people and it's so sad! I've really learned to love people here so much, even though it's the shortest amount of time I've spent in an area. We had one less-active return to church now (came 4 sundays in a row) and if her daughter comes again next sunday she'll be returned! I've just seen so much progression in the area, it's truly been miracle after miracle. I've learned so much and just can't believe I'll be leaving. Things just happen so fast! It really motivates me to do my best these last 4 transfers to not waste a single second since it'll end so fast.
Sorry this email is kinda short, there really isn't much news besides that. Me and Sister Clark have just had SO much fun and I'm so sad it'll be over...but we now have a bucket list of about 50 things for when we get home so it won't be for too long before we hang out again. ha Well I love you all SO much, thank you for everything! I couldn't ask for a better family :) LOVE YOU!!!!

Sister Benesch

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