Thursday, March 27, 2014

Purse snatchers

Hello everybody! :)
Well this week I have lots of crazy, good, and a little bad news...ha It was quite entertaining!! So it all started Tuesday... We had had a really great day of teaching and were just So happy walking home talking about all those we were teaching and how much they're progressing. Sadly we were running about 10 minutes late home, but we were walking really fast. So part of our walk home is right past this catholic church that has no lights and so it's the One single spot on our whole walk home that is dark...and I saw this motorcycle coming down this little hill ahead of us so I moved out of the way, then the next thing I knew I heard Sister Jenkins SCREAMING yelling "HEY HEY HEY!" and so I turned around because she'd been behind me and saw her running after the bike and realized that they'd stolen her bag!! Some things had fallen out on the ground and so I picked them up and went to her and by then she'd stopped and was just standing there crying, because of course it was scary! What happened I guess was her bag got heavy so instead of having the strap across her body it was just on one shoulder and so when they went by they just reached out and grabbed it.. Luckily nothing too important was in there, just some debit cards which she got cancelled and our phone, which was a bummer..but she still had her scriptures and camera and everything. SO it was a little scary, but we just kept walking to go tell the zone leaders so they could call the APs, and as we're walking I feel someone run up behind me and grab my bag and because of what had Just happened I screamed WAY loud STOP!!!! and grabbed my bag back, then realized it was Elder McKinney behind me!! They were a little scared from my reaction..ha But then we explained what had just barely happened to Sister Jenkins and they felt Way bad! So after that the elders came with us to our apartment and called the APs and then let Sister Jenkins call her family to explain what happened and get her cards cancelled...but it was just because I'd made mango float (a delicious dessert with graham crackers, condensed milk, cream and mangos that you freeze) and so we ate that and waited around..but sadly I didn't get to sleep till about 1 because we had to wait for her mom to cancel the cards and call back and it took awhile!! But it was quite exciting.. ha Then the next day she skyped her family just to make sure they knew she was ok, so I wrote in my journal just sittin in the little computer shop :) I asked if I could skype too since Elder McKinney scared me but they said no..haha It's ok though, I can in like less than 2 months ;)
So besides that, our week was really great!! We got Aubrey baptized so that was way exciting!! And we now have April 19th set for Evelyn and Refina, since they have to go 4 weeks with no coffee. But they're doing incredible and progressing so much, I absolutely love them! I am so excited too, because I'm Not transfering so I'll get to see them baptized!!! YAY :) SO about transfers...I am SO SO excited for next transfer!!! My next companion is Sister Clark, and she's so awesome! Sister Kalama actually trained her, and she said that they're like best friends so I think we'll have tons of fun! I can't wait :) Actually I was way nervous that we'd get pulled out or something because of what happened with Sister Jenkins, so I was way relieved and happy when they said I wasn't transfering, AND that I get Sister Clark as my companions! I'm so happy :)
We also had a really fun FHE last night at a recent converts house in the other sister's area...they have this little boy that is SO cute!! His name is actually Jaydon :) haha And he tells everybody that I'm his girlfriend!

But he always sits by me in Sunday school, and then last night we were playing this game where you have to switch seats a lot and he just kept following me to sit by me and like putting his arm around me :) hahaa He's so so adorable!! So I'm glad I'm staying for him too :)
SO that was basically our week, just preparing our great investigators for baptism and now reteaching brother Jose and Aubrey as recent converts! It's been so so great to see the progress in this area, and I'm excited to see what will come next transfer :) I know that this is God's work and as long as we trust in Him we can truly work miracles. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!!
Sister Benesch

PS Here is Brother Jose, Aubrey, and then at Evelyn's house with Nanay Fe who is blind, but the most hilarious person I've ever met in my life!! She BAWLED last night saying bye to Sister was so sad. But I love them :)

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