Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ebang - HUH?

Hey there everybody :)
Hope you're all doing great, I cannot believe I only have 1 more week here until transfers!!! That means I only have 5 transfers left! That's crazy. Time seriously goes so fast, I'll hit 1 year here in the Philippines next month! It's been great :)
Well this week I don't have too many stories, the work was great but pretty much same old same old. But on Saturday Jose got baptized!!! That was way exciting :) I'm so so happy for him and his family, it really is incredible to see the amazing blessings coming into people's lives as they receive the gospel. Also we're having a baptism this week for Aubrey!! She's 12 and also the only one in her family not yet a member. At her interview Elder Schneider (District leader) said she's way smart and really doing great, so we're excited for her too :) Then our other ones preparing for baptism are Evelyn, Refina, and Julie Bangga.
Evelyn is doing great, but we talked about the Word of Wisdom this week, and before we thought she didn't have any problems, but turns out she her baptism will be moved but hopefully only about 2 weeks :) She's really progressing in the gospel and coming to understand all that we teach her, I absolutely love teaching her!! Also, Refina is a referral from some members and she's doing great! She's pretty much an active member, going to all the activities and church on Sunday. ha We just have to finish her lessons which will hopefully be the next 2 weeks and then she'll be baptized too!! And lastly, Julie Bangga. I LOVE THEIR FAMILY!!! They are definitely my favorite in the entire area :) They're the ones that had their baby blessed, and we went again to teach them last night, and the spirit was so so strong like usual. We talked about the Atonement and it's incredible to see Sister begin to understand things she hasn't when we taught about the Fall of Adam and Eve she says "I'm almost 31 years old and only now understanding what actually happened!" ha She's great :) We're still working on their marriage though.. But last night their little boy who's 7 wanted to say the closing prayer and it's the cutest thing I've ever seen! He repeated what his dad said, but some parts he didn't understand or his dad went so fast and so one time his dad said ebanghelyo (gospel) and he goes "ebang-HUH?" haa or he got behind and says "bless us...tapos.." (then..) like the way he said it was just so so cute with his little voice. I may have giggled a little bit too :P But sometimes I just can't keep it in! I blaim that on the Freeman side of my genes ;) haha But it was great.
We're really having great success in this area and we're So busy going everywhere every day. It's been incredible to see the progress and the work done, I really feel God's love so strong and the spirit guiding us as we try our best. I think I've grown the most in this area's been great :) I really love it! I'm so grateful to be here, thank you for all your support!!
Sister Benesch :)

PS Here's me and sister Jenkins on a pedicab in our beautiful area :)

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