Saturday, September 28, 2013

"Go up, thou bald head"

Hellllllo family man this week literally flew by!! I actually feel like today should not be Pday already, but I'm happy it is :) ha Actually we were going to have a zone activity today at Banal na Bundok again, but it was cancelled because of the rain...SO much rain. But that's ok because now we have extra time today and maybe I can actually take the first nap of my whole mission!! That'd be exciting. Anyway, this week was pretty good! Sadly our investigators are like diminishing even though we're trying hard to talk to everyone and find new ones, we just have less and less to teach. But we got a referral from the branch that we contacted, it's this old lady with one leg and she's hilarious!! I was trying to show her an object lesson with a pen on why prophets are so important, but she just kept repeating everything I'd say instead of following directions! Like I had her close her eyes and try to follow my fist with hers, then compared it to both holding a pen and how she could follow easily...maybe it doesn't make sense in writing..ha Anyway she just was closing her eyes repeating over and over "sundin ang Diyos, sundin ang Diyos..." and Sister Tupa'i just burst out laughing!! haha It was hilarious.. I hope we'll find a way for her to come to church, but it'll be hard because she can't on her own. We've been able to find more less-active, literally from the 700 members here in Baliwag only 125 go to church (that's why it's still a branch) and so there's a Lot of less actives that we don't know! But it's so sad when we find them and teach and they just tell us that they were mormon date (before) but now they are catholic, or born again, or iglesia ni Cristo...or one of the other million religions here. It's just sad that they have no desire to return and I just don't understand how you could forget the blessings of the gospel when you've had it before, and then settle for another religion with so much less. Satan really gets a hold of some people's hearts, and it's devastating.
But we had exchanges this week with the sister training leaders, and it was a lot of fun because we got to travel to their area this time! We left friday night and rode a jeep for like 3 hours to get there, then came back saturday so we were Exhausted at church yesterday..ha But it was really fun. They had a service project so we got to meet more missionaries and hang out with them. Because of that and then the travel home we only had time to teach one lesson, but we taught these people that they had just found that were also LA (less active) and they were truly the most humble people I've ever met, I immediately had the greatest love for them and wish so bad I could go back! Maybe I'll get transferred to that area sometime and can go teach them :) But it was a great experience. It was sad because Sister Winger (one of the sister training leaders I really like) is going home this transfer so it was my last time to see her...I've really made such good friends with a lot of the missionaries here it'll be sad when more start going home! Part of the mission I guess. But while we were there they had Mac and cheese that sister winger's family had sent her...oh my Goodness that stuff is amazing! I never knew I could miss it so much..haha If anyone wants to send me any, feel free ;)
But overall it was a really good week, a little rough with trying to just find anyone who is actually interested in the Gospel, but I know there's gotta be atleast one person here ready, we'll keep working hard on trying to find them! Oh, and I've been reading the Bible and found a great verse in 2 Kings 2: 23 that made me think about uncle Jon...share it with him and tell me what he says ;) haha I love you all SO much! Thanks for everything, I literally couldn't get through some of the things I'm faced with here if it wasn't for the Amazing support I have. I love you :)

Love, Sister Benesch

Here are some pictures of the Gonzales family...pretty much my very favorite here! They're less active, but the most amazing, nicest people in the world! Nanay (the mama) is the most hilarious person in the WORLD, and then Micheal is there son with down syndrome! I will really miss them when I leave Baliwag....

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