Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A new haircut

Hello family! How's everyone doing?? This week went by CRAZY fast, I can't believe I'm emailing again already, I feel like I don't even have stories to write about because I can't remember what happened! ha But I wrote a few things down :) This week was really good, we had a lot of days where almost every appointment fell through because of being punted (either we went and they said they were busy or they weren't home) but Sister Mabini and I studied Chapter 6 of PMG which is about Christlike attributes, and actually this week even though it was hard and we didn't reach our goals we were both just happy and optimistic and I just feel so good about our work because I know we're trying our best.
We recently started teaching a new investigator named Glen, and he's actually really good friends with our District (stake) President! So that's good :) But we gave him a baptismal date and he accepted, and he told us how much he loves what we share and it makes sense and he believes it! The only problem is he works every day in the morning so he can't go to church, and we don't really know how to help him with that..but we're working on it! Speaking of baptisms...Cathy is getting ready for hers on August 8th!! I absolutely love her! She cries almost every lesson saying how happy she is there's a Book of Mormon and she believes what we teach...she even asked her boss who referred her to the missionaries to baptize her! What's cool about that is her boss is Richard Gomez, a very famous scientist here in the Philippines!! So everyone knows him!
On Friday we had a Branch FHE and it was so much fun! The Relief Society did the most hilarious dance I think I've ever seen, I wish I could have filmed it! But sadly my camera (Yes I got a new one!!) doesn't have video and technically I'm not allowed to use it anyway as a missionary..ha But it was hilarious, and it was a lot of fun. We went and picked up Venus and her two kids, so they came, and now we're just hoping that those in the branch that met them will have a greater desire to help them because they really need the help!! But it was fun :)
ALSO...Last P-day after emailing I did something bad..haha Just joking, but I cut my hair...a LOT!! I think I cut off 8 inches or so. But it's pretty short! And I actually love it :) It's not as hot so I can wear it down more, and I think it's pretty cute! But you can tell me what you think from the picture ;)
Also this week we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Clara, who is this old lady that is SO SO stubborn. Every time we teach she says she knows Joseph Smith is a true prophet and she knows the Book of Mormon is true, but she doesn't do her reading assignments and she doesn't come to church!! ha So I think we're going to drop her, but it's just sad to see these people that are so closed and not even willing to see if it's really true, they just say they know because they know it's what we want to hear.. But for our lesson we watched Finding Faith in Christ and she was crying and crying! I know she felt the spirit, so I just hope that if we do have to drop her maybe she'll remember that feeling and maybe it'll be a little crack that the gospel can slowly come into her life. I don't know what'll happen, I just have to trust in the Lord's will, that maybe it's not her time, but atleast we planted the seed and gave her the opportunity to hear the gospel.
But that's pretty much it for this week, maraming salamat (thank you so much!) for all your support and love, I couldn't do this work without a family like you!! I love you all SO much, and I LOVE being a missionary! Best decision I ever made was to come on a mission :) Thank you!!
Love always,
Sister Benesch :)

PS our English class is still going great, it's weird for me to be up teaching about pronouns and adjectives and sentence construction...ha But it's fun and I'm actually learning a lot!! :)

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