Sunday, July 21, 2013


Hello family!! Well I made it to my first transfer, and obviously that means my Pday is changed to Tuesday.  So every six weeks it'll be on Tuesday instead!! But this week is FULL of stories, honestly I just don't even know how to tell you everything, which is the hard part of only emailing once a week! But I'll try to remember the important things :)
First off, we MOVED!! ha We moved into a new house with the other sisters into a subdivision, so it's way nice!  It's pretty nice and big and I love it!! So it's fun living with them. The house was SO dirty, it took 8 hours of us and the elders cleaning and moving things in and building our own bunk beds and closets! ha So we had no lessons that day and it was a lot of work in HOT weather, so it was hard, but I was ok after I got to go to sleep, and now I love it :) I realized though I haven't told you about the bathrooms here's the thing hardest for me to get used to!! So they call it the CR (comfort room) but it's Anything but comfortable. So they have in the corner a faucet and bucket to shower, then the toilet and sink all on one floor with one drain, so yes the floor is ALWAYS wet, so we keep a pair of flip flops in there to wear whenever we go in, and the toilets don't have seats, just the bowl, and most the time don't even flush you have to pour water in and then it goes down..ha It's quite a pain sometimes but I'm getting used to it. The bathrooms at home will definitely be luxury :)
We also started our English class this week!!! It was so much fun :) Only members showed up this time, no investigators, but we're hoping this Saturday we'll have more. But I feel so weird teaching English because I honestly don't really know much, just how to speak the language! ha So I'm learning a lot about English and Tagalog while I'm here!
We had another lesson this week with sister Venus, she's the one who I told about her house being like a dungeon and having the little boy with special needs...well this lesson was like all the others, and my heart just broke. However, while we were in the middle of teaching about the Plan of Salvation there was a Horrible smell. We then realized that Benedict (the little boy) was behind the bench where sister Rosanna (the member working with us) was sitting and he had pooped on the floor and was smearing it ALL over. They can't afford diapers, much less clothes so he just had a shirt on and went to the bathroom...anyway Venus just picked him up and started cleaning him off and we offered to help although both Sister Mabini and I were DYING, trying so hard not to just gag.. But it was just so sad that something like that is actually normal for them because of their way of life. They're SO poor, they actually had no food and another less active gave them some money we found out, which was great, but it just breaks my heart. I think the Lord sent me here to the Philippines to show me just how blessed we really are at home and how much I have, I have a lot greater desire to help more people outside of America, and even there, that have so little. But I talked about sister Rosana...she's my Favorite member here! I love her so much, she's like my second mom :) ha But she drives us around on Beatrice
...hahaha Funnest thing Ever! Just look at the picture and you'll know what I'm talking about. Just imagine us flying down the streets of Baliwag and that bad boy ;)
Oh, I also want to tell you about Rey. haha So we actually haven't taught him yet, but he's this man that we met just by ringing his doorbell. He used to be in the army, and he talks A LOT but is so hilarious, and his wife is like 30 years younger than him! Yesterday we went to see if he was reading the Book of Mormon and check on him because we didn't have time for a lesson, and he literally sat there talking to us in a speedo! It was quite interesting...but he Did read and he's interested! ha So I like to think that even someone like him could live the gospel. It's for Everyone!
Yesterday we found out that Sister Ayub will be transfering, and I'll miss her, but I'm excited for her. She'll actually live with Sister Kalama, so I'm so jealous!!! But we had a dinner/goodbye thing for her at a members last night and it was good. We had this fried squash that you dip in this vinegar/garlic thing and it was...SO YUMMY. ha I think I literally ate a whole plate meant for everyone because I just couldn't stop. It was so good :)
Well I'm LOVING being a missionary, and I still love sister Mabini so much. The church is true, Heavenly Father loves us SO much, and there is nothing that will stop His work from going forth. Keep following Him and doing what's right, we'll all be blessed :) I love you all, thank you so much for everything!!!

Sister Benesch

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