Monday, May 26, 2014

Brownies and butterscotch bars

Hello there everybody :)
Hope you're all doing great, I had a really great week this week! We had zone interviews on Wednesday and it was great, but so sad because President and Sister Sperry gave out there goodbye cards and took pictures with everyone...I'll be so sad when they're gone! I've really learned so much from President Sperry and I love them a lot. Although I'm sure President Burton will be just as great :)
Then on Thursday and Friday we were in Malolos! It's about an hour and a half away so we woke up at 5 to be there in time for personal study, but it was so fun! I didn't really know the sisters there yet, so getting to be there with them and getting to know more sisters here was a lot of fun. Exchanges went great. I think honestly I'm going to learn way more from the sisters I work with than they learn from me..ha It really was a great experience to work with them and recognize those things that I want to do better in myself. It's kinda weird being the one that like gives the evaluation and things that they can do to better their area and really will be a big learning experience for me, and I think I'll improve a lot! It's been fun :) I did have some pretty funny experiences on exchanges though...first. The jeeps in Malolos are extra small and short, and so basically I don't even fit on the seat. ha One time it stopped really fast and I wasn't holding on, so my heavy back flew forward and since it was over my shoulder it brought me with it right off the seat and onto the floor! So that was super embarrassing with everyone looking at me like trying to speak English saying I needed to hold on and seeing if I was ok..ha Stupid American. So I just replied in Tagalog and got back up. ha No worries, I was totally fine, just my pride was a little hurt ;) But then the next day on a different Jeep I saw this sign that said "God know's hudas not pay"...hahaha I still don't know if it's a joke or something but I thought it was hilarious. My favorite part about being here is the signs I see :)
Sadly though after exchanges we got back on Saturday and Sister Lorenzo was sick, so we did our weekly planning then only had one appointment because she couldn't even walk her stomach hurt so bad..but it was nice because it gave me some time to rest since I was SO tired! Then Sunday she still didn't feel good so we took it slow again, but we did go to Angie's for dinner (the one we skyped at) and we got to eat brownies!!!! They were so super delicious :) So that was probably my favorite part of this week...the brownies, and also butterscotch bars! I've found here on my mission that I have like an addiction to sweets..ha
But we did get some new investigators, Sister Joan and Sister Bam that seem great! They both seem so prepared and ready to receive the gospel, I'm so excited to continue to teach them and give them baptism dates. Bam is 14 and Joan is 23, but they both just seem so prepared as we teach, and they're great in answering and asking questions. They are just the kind of investigators that are easy and fun to teach :) So I'm excited about that because our work has been suffering a little bit with us never being here. But it's going ok.
Also, this morning we got to deal with our first problem as STLs! ha There's just always more drama with sisters than elders..ha But I realized that Sister Lorenzo really is great dealing with problems and just listening to her talk to the sisters showed me how much I can learn from her. I know I'll learn a lot about patience and love during the next few transfers, and I'm excited. I think she's for sure one of my favorite companions. We never have problems and we just have so much fun...I'm constantly laughing because she's just so hilarious with the things that she says! It's the kinda of funny though of her saying things in English not meaning to be funny, but it's hard to explain over email. ha but it's funny :)
Well that was basically my's been great! And not to be trunky or anything..but I only have 22 more weeks! That's my lucky number :) So I'll be seeing you people in no time!! I love you so much, I loved seeing you this week!! Thanks for all you do, hope you have a great week!!

Sister Benesch

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