Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Half a dead rat

Hello there family :)
Well this week the subject of my email is Humility because that is what I've learned from this week. I've transferred into Valenzuela..and I love it! Sister Jenkins is so devoted to the work, and such a hard worker. There are definitely some differences in the way we work but she's open to changes so I think we'll really be able to do great work in this area and help it to progress! We've made some really great goals, one of which is to get 3 baptisms this transfer because they have not had any in the last 6 months or longer and so we're really going to work hard for that and get the ward more motivated to do missionary work!! We've been working so hard, even just the first few days have flown by! And then living with Sister Apolinario again... I absolutely love living with her and we have so much fun!  I'm really excited to see all that will happen in the next transfer :)
Some fun things about this area is that we have an english class every Wednesday and then a music class every Saturday, so it's fun to get involved with the people, and I love teaching classes like that. One of the Elders played a song on the piano by John Schmidt and I realized just how much I miss the piano, it's definitely something I'll start up again when I get home! We also got to do a service project last week and teach English at a call center to those training for the job, and they really just wanted to know a lot about the culture of Americans and so it was tons of fun!
The people in this area also seem pretty promising. Well, actually..ha there are So many less-actives I can't even believe it! We probably have over 50 records in the area book for less-actives and that isn't even all of's insane! So we're trying to figure out who we really need to spend our time focusing on now to get them back, but we have some investigators that are incredible. One is getting ready to be baptized in a few weeks, his name is Jose and his whole family are members, his wife is even endowed! He's definitely a golden our lessons he like quotes scriptures to us and the spirit is so strong! He told us that he already considers himself a member even if he hasn't been baptized :) We also have this investigator that we teach who takes care of his mom who is maybe in her 80's now but was the saddest thing ever to go in there and see this woman SO so skinny just laying there with nothing, and then hearing stories of their family taking all that they owned when she was in the hospital, and being left with literally nothing, for her son to take care of her. It's terrible! But she has incredible faith and just tells us how much she loves us. She is able to sit in her wheelchair one hour so we're trying to make arrangements for her to come to church just for sacrament..she really is incredible.
Maybe the worst thing about this week is that on transfer day I forgot that big bag of reeses you sent me in the fridge!!! Ah I was in the taxi with another elder transferring here (transfers in our mission are a little different and it was not disobedient for me and him to be in a taxi..ha) But I told him I had forgotten them and he wanted to tell the taxi driver to turn around and go back! ha But we didn' that was sad. But atleast I got a few :) Thanks!! I'll just have to eat tons and tons when I get home since I miss them so much. That's pretty much it though for my week so far...I'm doing great, and I really am just excited to kinda get the area cleaned up and really progressing :) I love you all so so much, thank you for your support in everything!! Hopefully I get some good stories to share with you next week :) I did see half a rats body on the road earlier when we were walking to buy water..ha Gross!! Love you all :)

Sister Benesch

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