Sunday, January 26, 2014

Little skinny wooden man

Hello everybody!!
 Hope your week has been great, ours was alright. Sadly it was a pretty slow week as far as appointments go, I have never had a hard time on my mission finding new investigators either until this week...I don't know if people were just busy or what. But we really tried our best and got a few good lessons in, then sadly no investigators came to sacrament.. ha So it was pretty hard as far as investigators go, BUT I have a few pretty good stories :)
The first one is from the subject line "What Happened?!" This is what Sister Criste said one morning as I showed her the front of our house. I went out that morning to get my clothes because they were dry, and there was a giant disgusting dead rat all chewed up, blood everywhere and disgusting cat poop Everywhere! It was terrible. So then us two cleaned it up with shirts over our noses so we didn't throw up and just pouring bleach all over the was quite disgusting. But I told her we're "mommy material" now :) haha So that was pretty gross...
Then another thing that happened this week was I decided to Finally start my new year resolution and exercise again every morning because all the members keep telling me I'm getting fatter..ha So I go downstairs and all my exercise stuff is not in its usual I look around. Everywhere. Then I realize that Sister Pristopher had cleaned the apartment the day before and thrown it all away...I was a little angy... But I had mercy and didn't show it because she's a Pakistani and that'd just be mean to yell at her when she doesn't even understand. SO I had to go buy new stuff, but Now I'm working on it :) ha
Today was pretty good, we had a district activity at a really beautiful place called Echo Park, there was tons of beautiful trees and water and we had a good walk around and then I got some awesome souvenirs! I got this like wooden carved skinny man carrying a goat in a loin cloth...haha It really is cool I just can't explain it! So I was really excited about that :)
Other than that nothing much happened this week, I just keep trying to do my very best work despite the hard circumstances, because I know it's just for a short time and it'll get better. Thanks for all of your support I love you all so much!!!! Miss you tons!!!

Sister Benesch

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