Sunday, January 26, 2014

Woah! Barbie Doll!

Hello everybody :) How are you?
This week was pretty good, I forgot to make a sticky note with stories which is bad because I get here sitting at the computer and can't remember anything, but I'll try my best! So we had a pretty busy week with no more holidays, but it was great because we were able to get our numbers up! Sadly we've kinda lost some investigators just because they're not progressing or keeping their commitments, so we're sad, but excited to find lots of new ones! I'm just sad because we have requirements here for baptism that they have to come to church 4 times in a row without missing, and so the investigator that I'm most excited about won't be baptized while I'm here because she didn't come to church last Sunday..but I guess that's just the way a mission is.
We've really been trying hard in this area to get the ward to work with us and they haven't really done much yet, so we took it into our own hands and wrote out our whole schedule for the week and passed it around, and we finally have a couple of the RS that are going to work with us! Yay :) Hopefully that follows through so we can really help the members be more involved in the work here.
We did get to go to a baptism on Saturday though for the daughter of some less actives that we're teaching so that was way fun! She turned 8 last year but her dad was really working hard to be worthy to baptize her, and he finally was and so it was so special to see the ordinance done and how much it meant to him. It was really hilarious though because the elders were trying to demonstrate to him how to baptize and it looked like they were done some hilarious dance with dips and stuff...I literally couldn't stop laughing all through the hymn! But it went well and the spirit was strong :)
Then last night was actually pretty special...Sister Patrus and I went to the stake center and she was able to receive her Patriarchal Blessing!! She was so excited and it was really special to her, even though afterwards she said she didn't really understand it..ha But I just told her when she gets the printout of it then she'll understand it :) So that was cool...then this morning was fun! Some missionaries in our zone went up and hiked in Timberland (something we've done before) and they left at 330 this morning, but we didn't go with them...because I didn't think it was worth it to wake up that early again when I've done it before..ha But they all came to our apartment after for pancakes and eggs and juice! It was probably the most delicious breakfast I've had yet on my mission :) Then later today we're going to sister Sheryl's to make a birthday cake for Elder Jones and have a birthday party later tonight at a members! So today will be a pretty great day.
The work has been good, not too much news yet because sadly not much progress..but a lot of promise and I'm excited to see what happens :) Sister Patrus is way nice and I love working with her..actually pretty nice compared to my last couple transfers :P Even though there is still some communication barrier we get by and have fun. So I'm doing great, I love you all so much, thank you for everything!! Hopefully I have more interesting stories for next week :) Oh, but I'm definitely learning to love Pakistani food, I'll have to learn to make it so I can feed you guys all kinds of different food when I get home!! Love you all! :)

Sister Benesch

haha A lady just walked by me saying "Woah. Barbie doll!" that's what everyone calls me here! Makes me feel kinda pretty I guess :) ha

Here's me and my nanay friends in the ward :) ha
And then some little kids we pass by almost everyday that always shake our hands with their dirty dirty paws...haha

But yes the kids way cute with his bike, what's funny is that right before that he had crashed and was way angry hitting everyone, so I pulled out my camera and then he got all happy!
and then the kids that are outside our house Every single day asking for junk. They collect it to get money for their families :( But they're pretty cute!! Sorry I need to be better at taking more pictures of things I do..

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