Monday, June 10, 2013

First assignment - Baliwag

Hello my favoritest family ever!!! I miss you all, and love you so much, but I LOVE it here!! Last Wednesday we woke up at the MTC at 4:45, then went to Pres. and Sister Sperry's home. And I met my trainer!!
 Her name is Sister Mabini and she's absolutely Amazing! She just finished her training and is now training me, but she is the nicest, most optimistic person I've ever met! She makes it SO easy being here, because she really is like my sister. I've been able to improve my Tagalog and teach lessons because she pushes me, but it's so great!! She's from the Philippines, so she speaks Tagalog and it helps me learn faster! Even though I can't really understand a lot of what's going on in the lessons I feel the spirit SO strong and I know that the message we share is true. I absolutely LOVE the people here too, they're all so nice and accepting! We went to church yesterday for the first time, and it's a tiny branch, however everyone was so happy to meet me and just immediately loving. We also had a family home evening with a less-active family last night, and the branch mission leader and branch missionaries came and it was one of the funnest nights so far!
They're all pretty young guys and so they're hilarious, and we just had a blast! It's easy to not get homesick because I really feel like everyone here is my family! I love it so so much :) But they all make fun of my puffy feet..haha They weren't bad at the MTC but now that I'm in the heat and we have NO AC in our apartment, just small fans, it looks like I have elephantitis! hahah I don't know how to spell that...pero it's ok because that just means when I get back to Utah I'll lose like 10 pounds from puffiness ;) But I've really tried every day to have an optimistic attitude, Colton's mom sent me a really good email about remembering that the day will always end if it's bad, and just enjoy the work. So I've made that my goal and it's made each day so amazing! Even though it's dirty here and everything is different, and I'm walking in rain that floods within minutes because it's all fun and I just love what I'm doing :) I really am so grateful to be on a mission!! Also, on Wednesday I got dad's letter!! Thanks paps :) I love you!

OH...mail is SO much easier than we thought. So for my mission they do mail runs every two weeks and that's when I send and receive the mail that came during that time. Pouch is the easiest, and probably only way, we should send it, and you can use envelopes! You just write a normal letter, and address it how you've been addressing the single paper, and write pouch in the bottom right corner. You only need one stamp to get it to Salt Lake and then it comes to me in 2 or 3 weeks. But it's really easy and you could probably even get some pictures folded into the paper!

But the address I gave you for the P.O. box at the Quezon City post office, send ALL my packages to that address!  It's just like a normal letter, but it's through the church so it actually gets to me! ha 

But I hope everyone's doing good, I love you SO MUCH!! You're the BEST family I could ask for, I appreciate you more every single day :)

LOVE, Sister Benesch

PS -- Actually our apartment is really nice! It's 2 stories, the bottom is a big room with a table and kitchen, and my bathroom, YES I have a shower however it has like zero pressure and doesn't really work so I use a bucket and scoopy thing..haha very interesting :) and it's cold water! But it's so hot that it just feels really good! And then upstairs is a room where our desks are and we study, we have a balcony that we don't use except to dry our clothes that we hand wash!! ha And then our bedroom with a bunkbed and "mattress" ha it's comfortable enough...and then Sister Mabini's bathroom. And we haven't had any bugs or anything and we have like 4 fans that we always have blowing on us, so it's good! our meals have been interesting though...just throwing together Random things we find in the fridge :P 

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