Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bracelets and Cockroaches

Hello my Favorite family!! :) Well this is bittersweet because it's my LAST time emailing you in the MTC! How crazy is that?? My Pdays will be Mondays, so after today I'll email on Sunday night for you people! (so in a week and a half) I can't wait to tell you all about my experiences in the field! BUT...this week I have some pretty good stories :) So the Elder Liu quote of the week is "Kalama...I know why you moved. Dangerous!!!" haha So I used to sit by Sister Kalama in class but her and her companion switched with Elder Liu Kiraren, and I scared Liu while he was studying and that's what he said to Sister Kalama right after! It was so hilarious :) He also found out I want to be a teacher and he said he was scared for the little children! haha He is just hilarious. But also, we watched an old devotional from the Provo MTC on Tuesday and guess who I saw in it!! RILEY :) ha It was crazy, he was singing in the choir! It was so weird to see him since I haven't in like 2's so exciting that he's coming home in like 2 months! Time really does fly by.

I got to go proselyting again on Wednesday and it was a Blast!! This time we went to the Quezon City Mission (a little closer to my mission than Manila) and it was BEAUTIFUL! We were on like a mountain with Tons of trees and beautiful plants, but the houses are still So so so sad. It's just these cemement buildings that are falling apart with curtains for doors, and some walls, and then there's tin for the roof. We were teaching 2 teenage girls and then there were like 5 little kids, and 5 of us missionaries because me and Sister Amone went with a threesome, and we were All crammed on 5 chairs with like our knees touching because the house was so tiny. But there was a little girl named Saria that was Adorable!! She kept looking at me and smiling, and I gave her some of those bracelets I brought and then we were leaving and she just kept waving and waving! I absolutely love everyone here. We were walking up this really steep road though and there were Tons of kids like running by us yelling "Missionaries! I love you!!" It was so stinking adorable :) I can't wait to get into the field! It was amazing though, because all the houses share walls you can always hear tons of noise and music is blasting, but the second you begin to teach the spirit just fills the room and it's like nothing going on around us matters. We also taught some other teenage girls (a lot of the people they teach here are kids or teenagers!) But they lived in the top of this building that was more in the city, so you walk in the "front door" which is this Tiny little gate, and then go up about 8 sets of STEEP stairs, and there's like a 2 room "apartment" at the top and they have basically nothing. So sad! So we taught in their bedroom and their beds are just these boards with no mattresses or pillows or anything..But the people are just So nice and humble and grateful for what they have! I honestly feel like a spoiled brat sometimes being here..ha I will never take anything for granted again. It's an amazing experience!
When we were done proselyting we came back and I had a Great surprise! I got Both of Grammy and Grampy's letters!! I was so excited :) What is their email address so I can email them? But it sounds like everyone is doing great! Grammy asked if I was adjusting to the weather yet, and honestly I have not! ha It's SO so so hot outside it amazes me every time, and we're going into the field right when rainy season is beginning, and I have NEVER in my life heard thunder the way it sounds here! The rain just POURS down...I can totally see how it's going to flood now. I have some Big adventures ahead!

Speaking of adventures...I had a Horrible experience last night. There was a HUGE HUGE HUGE cockroach running around in our bathroom and I really think I had a heartattack! ha We got 2 more roommates (so we have 5 in a room) and they're both from New Zealand and they're Hilarious! But me and Sister Tehei were screaming SO loud and we made Sister Amone get out of her bed and come kill it. It was SO scary!!! haha I'm nervous for all the things I'll see that are even Worse in the field! Like they have Huge rats here that get into the apartments...I am going to come home so brave!! ha But I hope everyone is doing Great! I miss you all so much, and I love you tons!! Read D&C 31:3-6. It's the scripture that actually helps me to not miss home, but just enjoy my mission. I have never been happier with any other decision I made, than to come on a mission!! It's absolutely incredible :)
Love you ALL!

Sister Benesch
Here is a picture of Carly and some other Sisters emailing their families and friends.

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