Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sister Benesch entered the Philippines MTC on Friday, April 26, 2013.  This is from her first email.

HI FAMILY!!! :) Well I'm doing pretty good! The plane ride here was SO SO SO long, but I survived! I sat between two asian ladies, and one of them (by the window) kept climbing over me while I was sleeping because I guess she didn't want to wake me up, but she still did! It was kinda hilarious though, it was like Gabe climbing over dad in the movie theater that one time!!! It was also very hard to sleep so that stunk.

I absolutely LOVE my district! There's me, my companion Sister Amone from Australia who is Tongan, Sister Miner from St. George, Sister Jones from West Virginia, Sister Kalama from Hawaii, Sister Collins from Samoa, Elder Kiraren from Christmas Island, and Elder Liu from China! We pretty much cover the whole world, but we get along so well it's insane! Elder Liu doesn't speak english but he does the most hilarious magic tricks and says random english words SO funny! All the girls here are like my real sisters, I really am so blessed :) There are only 5 white people here, and they're all sisters! It's fun hearing so many different languages though, and it's really been a testimony about the church being the same EVERYWHERE. I've learned to LOVE hymns SO much because it reminds me of  home when everyone sings in english, and it's beautiful! I was only in the 4th batch of language missionaries EVER here and I only had 10 with me) and then 75 natives, so A LOT more!! I'm excited. I LOVE FILIPINOS! Like I love them so much I can't believe it. They're all SO nice, and so humble even though they have nothing

The food here is pretty good, but I'm already sick of rice. ha I eat it EVERY day! With some sort of meat and vegetable. But I now am in the habit of eating with a fork and spoon, NO knives, so that's interesting! My new moto is KAYA KO YAN! It means You can do it! It's what I live by :) ha. I love you all SO SO SO MUCH!! I hope everyone is doing well!GOOD LUCK SYD in South Carolina, and Happy Birthday!!! That story about Bella bearing her testimony about me
made me cry, so precious!!! I miss those kids. But I LOVE EVERYONE and I'll see ya in 18 :)

OH my gosh! I forgot to tell you about the best part of my week! We got to go to the temple on Wednesday, and I loved it!! It's very Very small, the endowment room held 25 people! But a lot of the Filipino missionaries and one in my district were going through for the first time because they couldn't afford to before the mission so it was fun escorting and being with them for that! After the session I was sitting in the Celestial room praying my heart out for confindence, comfort, and help in learning the language, and I felt the spirit so strong. I know my mission will be hard and I'm going to have rough times, but I can do it! Because it's what the Lord has asked.
I love the temple so much :) We also get to walk over there every day and talk to native outside using what we've learned that day. It's hard, but it's fun because the people are SO incredibly nice! It's also Very hot and humid here, but I'm actually getting used to it! It'll be so cold when I come home... Well hopefully I can send you pictures next week and show you my Amazing district, especially my new best friend Elder Liu ;) haha My favorite line so far is "My name is
Liu Mobow (Don't know how to spell it) but my facebook name is Marvin Liu" HAHAH!!! Oh good times. Well here is my testimony in Tagalog! :)

Alam ko po na totoo an simbahan ni Hesu Kristo. Alam ko po na totoo ang aklat ni Mormon. Alam ko po na mahalaga ang pananampalataya at pagsisisi. Alam ko po tunay si Hesu Kristo. Alam ko po na totoo ang buhay propeta.

AND YES. I did say that from my heart without notes :) Because I KNOW that this church is true, that the book of mormon is true that faith and repentance are so important, that Jesus Chirst is real, and we have a living prophet today. MAHAL KITA!! I love you :)

Now I am ready to GO and do the work, and when I get home in 18 months I decided the ONE thing I want is a toaster streudal. Hopefully you can come through for me ;)
Sister Benesch

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