Friday, May 10, 2013

Just finished week 2 at the Philippines MTC

HELLO FAMILY!!! Sorry my time to email changed because I was welcoming a new batch and going to the temple...How are you all doin?? Well I can't believe another week has gone by...SO FAST.

This week was awesome though because I have grown so much! I am getting much better at tagalog, and can actually form sentences (even if it is only about gospel topics) but I'm getting better at teaching lessons and I'm so proud of myself! This week was MUCH better as far as feeling comfortable goes, I'll be honest, I only cried one time! ha But really I am so happy here and love it so much more than I expected!

My district is amazing, we all still laugh histerically at Elder Liu, my favorite quote this week was "I'm angry but I'm kind." haha Poor guy gets so frustrated learning two languages. Me and Sister Kalama have been on the ground laughing SO hard because of the things he says! The other day he was yelling "NO MY COMPANY! IT'S TOO HARD!" He meant his companion though...I feel so bad for him but he's so optimistic and happy all the time! Actually yesterday during class I had a hard moment and started crying, later he came up and said "Sister Benes? (can't say our name) We love you!" it just made me feel so much better! He was only baptized a year and a half ago but has an incredible testimony!
But there's a teacher here named Elder Rondilla and he hero! He's only 23, but when he was 16 he joined the church against the wishes of his family and woke up at 4:15 am, put pillows in his bed, and snuck out to go to church because it took 5 hours to walk there. Then he wanted to go on a mission and his dad told him "Choose your family or the church." And of course, he chose a mission. He never received a single letter, but after awhile he decided that the Book of Mormon was his letters from his Heavenly Father, and right before he got home (he wrote his family every week even though they didn't write him) he found out his mom was taking the missionary discussions. He's so incredible! He's married now with a baby, but they live in a one room apartment, they have one mattress and not even an oven, but he's SO SO happy and positive. The people here amaze me more everyday, I'm truly being humbled.

This week the batch of missionaries we came in with went out into the field, and it was so weird to say bye to the whole MTC! Especially such good friends, the picture I attached is me and my favorite Filipina!!

Even though she's way shorter...her feet are still bigger than mine. DARN! Haa

But A new batch came in today that we got to welcome, and 30 more language missionaries!! SO EXCITING! It was fun meeting all new people and helping them get into the flow of the MTC. We also went to the temple, and it was amazing as usual!

I hope all is going well at home, the blessing President Barfuss gave me when I was set apart is helping me in so many ways. I miss you all, but I can say that I don't worry at all about anyone because I know you're in God's hands, just as he blessed. He also blessed me with patience for those "less mature" than me (I don't remember the exact words he used) but it is DEFINITELY helping with my companions at times and other missionaries here. I can see God's hand in my life more than ever! I've never felt the spirit stronger. I still am waking up at 5:45 every morning (CRAZY HUH?!) But it's actually surprisingly easy for me...miracle I know! And then we have gym, breakfast, get ready, CLASS CLASS STUDY STUDY, and bed :) ha It's fun though, my district is getting better at studying, but we still laugh so much! It's a huge blessing to me.

OH and Sister Kalama and I (she's my Very best friend here!!!) are doing pushups every single day and adding more. We're up to 18 now so by the time I get home I'll be WAY buff ;) And I'm expecting a competition between everyone so begin your training!! ha I've actually been told by a lot of people that it looks like I've lost weight, and I can tell with my clothes...hopefully I don't look anorexic or anything when I get home. It's crazy though because they eat 5 times a day I must just be sweating it out!

OH But on Wednesday I saw LIndsay Hall!!! She stopped by the MTC for only like 5 minutes to pick up the missionaries here to go to her mission, but I was so excited to see her! I'll attach a photo, but it is NOT good...ha I promise I don't look THAT bad ;) I was waiting like 2 hours for Lindsay's bus to get here I was so excited just to see someone I knew!

 BUT I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! and THANK YOU for the emails, mail takes forever so I haven't gotten any letters. Even Dear Elder comes from Provo through the pouch so I don't get it for 2 to 3 Emails are my life right now! My district writes letters to each other :) ha

But I was laughing so hard about Donny's email about breaking the window at school! Naughty kid ;) HOw'd that happen? Sorry if my typing is bad, time is limited. Also tell people sorry if I can't email them back personally all the time, I'm trying my best to give you enough stories in the small amount of time! I hope Syd is doing great in South Carolina.

HI! :) Ah man in the temple today I was sitting thinking about going with you and the last time holding my mama's hand in the Celestial room and it made me tear up...I miss you! But I LOVE YOU. Being here makes me appreciate my family more every day!! OH before I forget, will you tell people not to send anymore letters on DearElder till I get into the field? Otherwise I won't get them because of how long it takes.. haha I am typing like a maniac! It's funny, everyone in my district is loud and we are always talking, but then we get to emailing and it's Silent except the keys on the computers are going crazy! Emailing is such a great thing here!!!! I look forward to it all week :) I hope Chris likes it! I've now realized that wherever you are a mission is the same, so I think he'll love it! Oh but with the new batch there's a lot more white people here, and I'm no longer quite a minority! It's fun with so many people coming :)

We're going to a store called Rustons! It's a grocery store but they have delicious snack! Oh I took this picture for you...angry birds juice :) WE buy chocolate that's imported from America to get us through the week!!

Don't worry I don't cry at all compared to some's a very hard transition!

My poor companion (amone) has a twin and they've never been apart for 27 years so she's having a hard time..but it's getting better for everyone! I really am very happy here :) But I really am meeting incredible people, I now realize how much I took for granted!! You can't imagine how kind the people are here, the spirit they carry is incredible! OH and Chels asked if I met kids ( i think it was her...) BUT I have met a lot walking to to temple and around the MTC and they're adorable! I might just kidnap some to bring home ;) just kidding. But I love everyone here :)

Tell everyone hello for me, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Freeman!!
LOVE, Sister Benesch

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  1. Hi Carrie and Ron!
    I just sent my son off on his mission on Wednesday to the Philippines MTC. I have lots of questions and would love to communicate with you about your daughter's experience there. You are the only ones I've been able to find online that have had a child go to the Philippines MTC. Would you mind e-mailing me? I am just feeling like to need to talk to someone whose child has experienced what my son is experiencing. My e-mail is: and my name is Angela. It's been fun reading the blog. Thank you so much!!!